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Nov 07, 2009

RuPy conference

Short summary about RuPy - strongly dynamic conference. The philosophy of RuPy is to put togheter Python & Ruby experts with young programmers and to support a good communication channel for East-West exchange of prospective ideas.

I have been delegated as a RedTurtle member to join RuPy conference that has been held in Poznan, my hometown city.

The idea behind the conference is to try to animate central- and east-european Python and Ruby communities. By inviting experts we want to broaden our knowledge and undersanding of presented concepts. The conference is meant to serve the exchange of ideas on the scientific ground, that is use of mentioned languages for certain scientific problems like, for example, text parsing, and on the buisness ground, like use of Django or Rails for creating web applications.

The state of Plone

short talk presented by Maciej Dziergwa about current Plone situation - based on Matt Hamilton's PloneConf2009 talk. After the talk we had a short discussion about current situation of Polish Plone Community. Plone is still not popular in Poland as it is in Italy...

Compiled Websites with Plone, Django and SSI

very interesting talk by Łukasz Langa and Wojciech Lichota about Plone, Django and SSI deployment. Using stxnext.staticdeployment you can deploy Plone site to static files. You can add dynamic stuff (like commenting) using Django. Finally you can glue everything together using Apache SSI mod_include. If you need search engine you can use and integrate, everything what I've mentioned before, with Xapian (or Solr).
You can find slides here.

Caching techniques in Python

some interesting caching techniques explained by Michał Domański and Michał Chruszcz. In Plone world we already know plone.memoize - a decorator for caching the values of functions and methods. You can use it of course outside Zope/Plone environment. If you need something more - check out i.e. pylibmc. At the end they've covered also reverse proxy with Varnish.


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