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Jan 20, 2010

The Top 11 Tips for Keeping Your Servers Healthy

Have you ever wondered how healthy your servers are? Are you running with default settings on your production servers? Do maintenance tasks run when they should, or are they even running at all? Are you using appropriate database features, controlling log sizes, or leaving debug variables in the .ini? Have you implemented critical features that were introduced with the server software in your latest upgrade? This cross-platform session will shed light on a number of items most administrators overlook or simply do not understand the importance of implementing. Learn from real-world customer examples and see how to remedy the situations presented.**

Best practies in pillole:

  • Pay attention to console errors!!
  • Are you using default settings?
  • Are your servers too open?
  • Know your schedules
  • Keep your servers clean
  • Clustered server tips
  • ID management
  • New features not implemented
  • Policies – are you using them?
  • Maintenance tasks
  • Get to the new ODS



Lotus Notes Traveler, news and photos

by fabio
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Again, during the opening general session IBM talks about Lotus Notes Traveler. First of all they announce the support for Android platform, then a big news for people who wanted encrypted mail on iPhone: Lotus Notes Traveler Companion is available today on App Store!

Lotus Notes Traveler Companion allow to read encrypted mail on the iPhone directly using the Notes ID security!

Last is the extension of the support for other operating system. I mean, now Travel can be installed only on Windows OS, with Traveler 8.5.2 you can also install on Linux SUSE!!!

Cool! Isn't it? It's so cool that we can't wait. 8.5.2 is supposed to be released in Q3-Q4 2010. This mean that we can have Android support on Linux based Traveler at the end of this year!

IBM Project Vulcan, photos and news

by fabio
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On the OGS we learn about IBM Project Vulcan, as report on Ed Brill's Blog “Project Vulcan is the blueprint for where Lotus Notes is going”. During the Opening general session we have some screen shots of the evolution of the Notes client:

and some concept on mobile devices like BlackBerry or iPhone:

Other news comes from the keynote during the first two day of Lotusphere, one is particularly important: after 8.5.2 Notes will be “vulcanized”.

Other pictures on Project Vulcan can be found in my Flickr photostream.

My 2 cents on this project are:
  1. Notes 9 will be the Project Vulcan implementation like Notes 8 has been the Hannover's one.
  2. Project Vulcan will be hugely developed in xPages and other web technology.
  3. Notes 3 to 8 apps still work fine in the Vulcan. This doesn't came from me but from history. :-)

There’s No Fixing Ugly: How to Make a Great First Impression with Your Applications

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When it comes to client and/or user-acceptance, how your applications look is as important—and possibly more important—than how they actually work. Well-designed and eye-pleasing interfaces are not terribly hard to create, yet provide enormous perceived value to your end-users -- and, more importantly, to their bosses. In this session you will learn a series of easy-to-follow guidelines for making applications that look as good as they work.**

Lotusphere 2010 banner

Il titolo parla da solo. Esempi di cosa NON fare e di cosa invece tener conto nel realizzare un'applicazione.

Il messaggio in generale è questo:

"se l'applicazione è esteticamente mal fatta, la prima impressione è che non funzioni"

Interessantissima demo di 8 minuti che ha dimostrato, con pochi accorgimenti (font-family, font-size, colori) come passare da un'interfaccia orrenda a qualcosa di accattivante

Jan 19, 2010

What's New in Composite Applications in IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.1

Come and learn about whats new with composite applications in Lotus Notes 8.5.1. You'll see how you can leverage the new tooling in the Composite Application Editor (CAE) to quickly assemble applications and create new components using "point and click". We'll show how different components like Web, XPages, Java Views and Eclipse views can be assembled in a composite and on the side shelf within your application. You'll learn about the new container framework and what this means for your components. We'll cover the low level extensions to the CAE that allow you to add your own custom tooling for your components, and you'll learn all about custom actions and see how they can make your applications more powerful.**

Lotusphere 2010 banner

Bob Balfe ha presentato due interessantissime CA realizzate con la versione 8.5.1 e illustrato i nuovi oggetti:

  • Synphony Spreadsheet Container
  • Web Browser container
  • Host on Demand container
  • Notes Document Container
  • Notes View container


Ed inoltre, per il futuro:

  • CAI URL enhancement - pagealias
  • Role based access to components


Peccato per la scarsità dei talk riguardanti l'argomento, ma di sicuro Balfe, Guru assoluto in materia, ha alzato ai massimi livelli la qualità del suo intervento.