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Feb 15, 2010

Do not use "print". Again plone_log is your friend

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An unexpected behaviour I found when writing test for a product. Use "print" command for logging is bad if you want to perform functional tests.

In early days on Plone I always used this API for logging:

context.plone_log("That's a log message")

This will give you a log message like this:

2010-02-15 09:56:32 INFO Plone Debug: 
That's a log message

I don't know or remember if the Python print command always worked on Plone, but right now you can use it freely.

I found that sometimes I used print, just because is simpler (and I don't need any context as plone_log).

Now the problem... use plone_log (or every other use of python logging system) is safe when writing functional doctests.

The print command isn't! If you are testing code that use print, you must be aware of its output writing test. For example:

This is a fake doctest.
Let's say that calling the button below will run some code that use Python "print" command.
For example for write "Hello".

    >>> browser.getControl('button').click()

I don't like this... this is not a useful test!

This is very annoying!

So? It's better to not use print for logging messages, but rely on other logging APIs.