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Jun 09, 2010

Expensive security check in constraintypes

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If you are using Plone 3.3 or older you are probably suffering an expensive security check when creating an Archetype. It can be EASILY fix.

In one of our projects we are still using Plone 3.1.x. with a pack of customer specific content_types and some additional PAS plugins (Lotus). I have noticed recently that calling invokeFactory become VERY slow. After debugging we have found the problem - getDefaultAddableTypes - method that is provided by (ATContentTypes package). Original implementation is more then 4 years old. What it does - it checks isConstructionAllowed for every content_type register in portal_types. If you have registered them more then 40 ;-) ...

In most of the cases folderish types are filtering allowed_types. Thanks to Vincent we have now a nice fix:

Modified lib/ method to check isConstructionAllowed only for allowed types, not for all content types in portal_types. isConstructionAllowed was called twice for each types.

This fix is in ATContentTypes version 1.3 and started to be used by Plone 3.3.1. For us it was a good argument to upgrade!