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Jul 13, 2010

Evil Javascript... use strip() or trim()?

I hate doing the same error all the time! One time again: how to obtain a cross browser method for Javascript to remove leading and trailing whitespaces inside strings?

Every time I make the same stupid error! So, let's make quickly, a guide for obtaining this behavior.

The trim() function works only on Firefox and maybe other browsers, but not on IE.

In my experience the stript() function instead works better, both on Firefox and IE.

So what is the problem? That every time I forget to use this last one, and I use again trim instead of stript...

There is a solution for my lazy brain? Well... I use very often (AKA "always") jQuery for our projects, so... please Luca... from now just use jQuery.trim().

I feel better! No more error from now...


... until next time.

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