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Feb 10, 2011

Pyramid CRUD

I have been using Pyramid/BFG in several our projects. It really rocks. Probably you already know that. What I think could be an extremely useful add-on is a CRUD. For our internal usage (more as a proof-of-concept) we have developed one - traversal with SQLAlchemy support. Now we want to make it more generic and open-source. Interested in?

What we have is a working version of a traversal CRUD. General concept is similar to Sergey Volobuev Kelpie. Everything is based on repoze.bfg 1.2 (though it should work smoothly on 1.3).

Model definition is done using SQLAlchemy declarative approach.  This choice provoke us to use  FormAlchemy as a form generator (with fa.jquery widget support). It's easy to start with but difficult to extend later.  That's why it's the first thing we would like to change in the future.  Everything is glued together with bfg hybrid traversal approach

What we are planing to do (probably not exactly in that order):

  • check if somebody else didn't start similar project and maybe share concepts or do it together
  • check possibility of integrate existing solutions with Pyramid
  • reuse what can be reused from our bfg crud and move it to Pyramid
  • organize a python sprint that will work on these topics
CRUD section view:
 CRUD - section view
CRUD item view:
CRUD - item view
CRUD item edit:
CRUD - item edit