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Oct 31, 2011

Plone at PyCon UA

I spent last weekend (22-23 October) in Kiev promoting Plone and Pyramid at PyCon UA. It was an amazing opportunity to spread the latest news about Plone4 and its enhancements.


The Kiev event was fruitful experience from two points of view: the audience was not aware of what has been happening in Plone since 3.x; they were mostly Django developers. I think I did my best to explain what are the key values of using Plone and Pyramid together and what are the benefits comparing to other frameworks like Django. I met several fantastic guys deeply interested in what we are doing in both Plone and Pyramid community. Hope to see you all on another Python event.

Apart of Plone talk there were other invited speakers. Let me mention few of them.

Opening talk done by Tarek was about Packaging. He explained current situation of packaging in Python and the future of it. I hope we will have setup.cfg to rull-them-all in near future and that the community will start to use proper versioning soon.

Then there was Armin with Basket of Random Python Snippets. I don't like the idea of showing ONLY code while doing your presentation but I strongly encourage you to read them online. Some of them are really great tips!

Last talk I attended was done by Alexander and I must admit - I have enjoyed it a lot. He was showing "SQLAlchemy: a better ORM". I was never a big fun of Django ORM but now I'm strongly convinced that Pyramid + SQLAlchemy + pyramid_formalchemy is a way much easier to play with.

Bottom line: I must agree with Yury that it would be more interesting event if all of the speakers present slides in English (like on RuPy2011 last October). Nevertheless I enjoy this weekend a lot. I love the city and the atmosphere. The topics and invited speakers were properly chosen so everybody could find a subject to discuss about. Thanks again and hopefully see you next year.

And tomorrow it is time for Plone Conference 2011 which will end this autumn's conference marathon.

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