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Mar 13, 2012

Fix funkload report generation problems by upgrading gnuplot

If your funkload tests are succesful, but you get the error "Report generation failed for ..." check your gnuplot version. Older versions are in conflict with our benchmarking tool. This is my way to fix the problem

After running funkload tests [1] on CentOS 5.7 I ran into a problem: I was not able to generate the reports.

Digging into the funkload internals, I realized that the problem was related to a syntax error raised by gnuplot, that was silently swallowed by the report generator command.

The funkload generated plot commands were in conflict with the gnuplot version installed by default on the system (4.0 patchlevel 0, a very old one!).

On my shiny kubuntu I had no problems with gnuplot version 4.4.4, so I solved this problem by adding an updated gnuplot version to my buildout.

Here is how I made it work:

extends = base.cfg
recipe = zc.recipe.cmmi
url = 
configure-options =


For this trick to work properly, the bin directory inside the buildout folder should be in your PATH environment variable. If you are using virtualenv properly, you will probably stumble upon this.

[1] Version 1.11.0, the one that, to my knowledge, works best with collective.recipe.funkload as of version 0.3.1

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