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Plone Conference 2012 from RedTurtle's perspective

Plone Conference 2012 photo

Oct 16, 2012

Plone Conference 2012 from RedTurtle's perspective

It's all over. 5 days with fellow Plonistas in Arnhem, Netherlands. How was it? Read our summary. One thing we are pretty sure - it was the best conference ever

This year's conference was organized for the 10th time by the FourDigits team. They did great job - everything went smoothly - no problems with network, free places in the rooms, video streaming. Even the weather was a pleasant surprise. But above all there were 4 things this conference will be remembered for a very long time:

Talks worth mentioning

A very subjective list of talks that you should see. For the full list go to


Talk presented by Simples Consultoria - Brazilian based Plone company. It's probably the first production deco-like deployment. Interesting use-case. Hopefully it will replace all portletpage-like Plone add'ons.


Plone goes social

Talk presented by Guido Stevens about ligthweight add'on that enables Twitter-like microblogging in Plone. Very clean implementation, no extra dependencies, everything what you need is Plone 4.x and ZODB.


PloneNG: What's new in Plone 4.2, 4.3 and beyond

If you are curious to know what you can find in next Plone releases - this presentation by David Glick is a must-seen.


Travis CI: Fun and easy CI for your Plone package

If you are new to Travis you can learn how to actually use it from those 37 easy slides (by Nejc Zupan).


Real-time, collaborative applications in Plone

A very good summary of what is XMPP, Strophe.js and XMPP-Plone integration in short 20 slides (plus video examples) by Jan-Carel Brand.


Lighting talks

Of course every good conference has a bunch of impressive lighting talks. This year it couldn't better. Beneath you can find just a small list of the most impressive ones: -

google-like fuzzy search in Plone. You will never need to repeat your search again :)

resurrectio -

Resurrectio is a Chrome extension allowing to record a sequence of browser actions and to produce the corresponding CasperJS script.

buildout bash completition -

Ever wanted to simply switch between src folder and your buildout root in a flash, check this:

cdco # cd to buildout root
cds # (will autocomplete with tab and will cd into the project named voxin in the src dir)
buildout # will run buildout, but from the buildout root.
ntest # will run ./bin/test (pbp.recipe.noserunner) from the buildout root
cdomelette # will cd into the omelette dir.

new Plone events -

According to the dev team - it's ready for testing and production - so if you were waiting for the recurrent events - give it a try!

stxnext.grayscale -

An add-on for Plone that displays the web content of the site in the grayscale colors.

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