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Nov 13, 2012

Angel of Arnhem

So long Angel of Arnhem

Angel of Arnhem

My first Plone conference is over and it was great! I boldly decided to present a talk and survived to this adventure. That's the story, morning glory!

A month passed since the Plone conference in Arnhem and a lot of posts hit the blogosphere announcing to the world the technical progresses of our beloved CMS.

Being that I am missing so much the moments shared in that wonderful city with the people I met at the conference, I decided to write a post not about the software, but about our amazing community and how I had fun and in presenting my talk at the conference.

During the summer I felt myself a bit daring by submitting a talk to the conference, but I was not caring so much... I was quite confident it would not be accepted!

Instead I had the first surprise: not only my talk was accepted but I even had much more positive feedback than expected!

Wow! I was gifted with the opportunity to share my experience on the Plone stage!

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