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A brand new Javascript library for progress activity monitoring

XPages with pace.js

Oct 22, 2013

A brand new Javascript library for progress activity monitoring

A brief explanation on how to integrate this new JavaScript library, pace.js, within our XPages. Very cool... and, I hope, very useful

As we all know, the advent of Web 2.0 has introduced many advantages, which of course I'll not mention, such as the ability to make asynchronous calls on a page.

Many times I have used this technology, using some of the most popular Javascript frameworks (Prototype, JQuery ...), but sometimes manage progress indicators can be a little bit boring.

This library is right for us.


pace.js automatically monitors ajax requests, event loop lag, document ready state (onDOMReady event), and elements on your page to show the activity progress.

No configuration is necessary to get started, just include .js and .css files.

For example, since IE removed progress bar indicator in latest version, this solution could be very interesting to monitor browser activity.

Many templates are provided:

Here is the official links of the project:

XPages integration

Nothing could be simpler: as described in the official tutorial, include the js file and one of the themes css provided...

....and - voila!

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