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Oct 30, 2013

Ploneconf 2013 - Brasìl, an amazing experience of life

Does Plone still work upside-down on the other side of the Earth?

Ploneconf 2013 - Brasìl, an amazing experience of life

A detailed journey log of the latest Plone conference. A very interesting conference followed by two sprints unique for level of productiveness and awesomeness

If you have never attended a Plone conference, you are really missing something worthy.
There are always two main aspects in these events, the technical part and the social part.
Usually the technical part of the conference takes place during the day, but it's during the evening/night that the Plone community shows the "beauty behind itself". Those moments are when the community renews the links between members, when new friendship starts and when the fun begins. I decided to make a very detailed report of the latest conference in Brasil, in the hope that new members will join us as a new developers and, hopefully, as new friends.

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