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  • for word in {"IT Specialist","Backend Developer","Penguin Lover","BOFH","..."} @RedTurtle;

    I don't know, I was really drunk at the time[Pink Floyd, TDSOTM]

  • IT Specialist & Project Manager @ RedTurtle. 10+years experienced on Lotus Domino & Web Development.

    Sei un piccolo piraña spietato, te lo concedo... ma non mi è mai piaciuto il pesce.[Testa Rossa - The Snatch]

  • I love all that is geek, cool and open-source..that's why i love working with Plone&Python.

    When life gives you questions, Google has answers.[old geek saying]

  • Open source evangelist

  • The man to talk with, about RedTurtle and PloneGov Italia

    Superfuse! [M. Withers]

  • IT Specialist & Web developer & Designer @RedTurtle. I'm hungry for CMS and Plone stuff. I love being a developer.

    I am Mr. Wolf, and I solve problems.[scene from Pulp Fiction]

  • Administrative Manager & HR Manager

  • Passionate about graphic design, usability, interface design... and cats!.

    Plone is a purrrrfect friend!"

  • Web developer @RedTurtle.

    Talk is cheap. Show me the code.[Linus Tordvald]

  • IT Specialist & Web developer @RedTurtle

    Recently: in Love with JavaScript

  • I'm a ten+ years experienced consultant on web and internet topics in @RedTurtle.  I'm a social and CMS enthusiast. Actually my choice is on Plone.

    Do, or do not. There is no 'try'.[Yoda]

  • Enthusiast developer

  • I'm a web consultant in @RedTurtle. I like share experience and knowledge with the same philosophy of FOSS. I'm also a CMS enthusiast, in particular Plone.



Negli anni hanno postato per noi

  • Web designer and css dreamer, in pure love with cycling, music, books, the polaroids, analog photography and dark room, where i surprise myself to think in css.

    Nous sommes tous au fond d'un enfer dont chaque instant est un miracle [EM Cioran - Le Mauvais Démiurge]

  • Born into an informatic world, traveler, dream video games, recently in love with CMS and Plone @RedTurtle.

    Nulla si conosce interamente finché non vi si è girato tutt'attorno per arrivare al medesimo punto provenendo dalla parte opposta[Arthur Schopenhauer]

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