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Aug 31, 2009

Amberjack on Plone: first steps

collective.amberjack project just released the first tours

What's that?

A tutorial in action Amberjack is a tool that allows you to create tours on your site. The purpose of the collective.amberjack project is to improve its functionality and to provide a way for creating not just tours but something more: tutorials.


What does it provide?

The actual implementation provides 4 packages:

  • collective.amberjack.core
  • collective.amberjack.portlet
  • collective.amberjack.plonetour
  • collective.amberjack.metatour


This one contains all the basic functionalities:

  • it lets you add tours via ZCML,
  • it manages and validates tours and steps,
  • it draws the tour box and it manages all the UI interactions via javascript


this package provides two portlets:

  • a one shot tour portlet
  • a portlet with a set of tours


this one contains the first released tours:

  • Add and publish a Folder
  • Add and publish a Page
  • Add and publish a News Item
  • Add and publish an Event
  • Format a page using the visual editor
  • Create internal links
  • Create external links
  • Upload an image
  • Insert image on a page
  • Using the Display menu

others will be released soon.


the idea is to provide a TTW way to create new tours. You can translate them via LinguaPlone and can be used by a non-technical user.

A next step is to export the TTW created tours as packaged that can be shared for example via pypi.

how simple adding a tour IS?

First of all you need to define the tour:

add_folder = {
    'url': u'/',
           'xpath': u'',
           'xcontent': u'',
           'title': _(u"Create a new folder"),
           'text': _(u"Folders are ..."),
           'steps': ({'description': _(u"Click the [Add new...] drop-down menu."),
                      'idStep': u'menu_add-new',
                      'selector': u'',
                      'text': u''},
                     {'description': _(u"Select [Folder] from the menu."),
                      'idStep': u'new_folder',
                      'selector': u'',
                      'text': u''})}

ajTour = {'tourId': u'basic01_example',
          'title': _(u'Add a Folder'),
          'steps': (add_folder,

then you have to register it


If you need a complete example, please refer to the code.

Where can I find infos and code?



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