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Bristol Plone Conference 2014: RedTurtle was there for you
If the Plone Conference returns to Bristol after four years, RedTurtle returns to the Plone Conference as every year! This is the detailed report of what ...
RedTurtle al Plone Cathedral Sprint: verso la prima release di Plone 5
Il Cathedral Sprint è iniziato con l'ambizioso obiettivo di rilasciare la prima alpha release di Plone 5. RedTurtle ha partecipato inviando ben tre ...
Ploneconf 2013 - Brasìl, an amazing experience of life
A detailed journey log of the latest Plone conference. A very interesting conference followed by two sprints unique for level of productiveness and awesomeness
Plog 2013, due giorni al Plone Open Garden tra idee e nuove sfide
Dal 3 al 7 di Aprile si è svolto nella magnifica Sorrento uno degli eventi "must have" italiani su Plone, il Plone Open Garden. Ecco la nostra esperienza
Angel of Arnhem
My first Plone conference is over and it was great! I boldly decided to present a talk and survived to this adventure. That's the story, morning glory!
Plone Conference 2012 from RedTurtle's perspective
It's all over. 5 days with fellow Plonistas in Arnhem, Netherlands. How was it? Read our summary. One thing we are pretty sure - it was the best conference ever
Plone at PyCon UA
Plone Konferenz 2012
Talks, the party and everything around PloneKonf in München
PloneConference 2011: novità e conferme
Di ritorno da San Francisco, ecco le anticipazioni e le conferme di cui abbiamo discusso durante una delle ultime best conference ever
Un italiano a Budapest
Non vi racconterò di talk, di tecnologie, di nuove feature. Non vi racconterò nemmeno dell'ultima e della prossima release di plone. La mia gita alla plone ...
RuPy conference
Short summary about RuPy - strongly dynamic conference. The philosophy of RuPy is to put togheter Python & Ruby experts with young programmers and to support a ...
RuPy 2011 - Strongly Dynamic Conference
Europython 2011: aftermath
Want to get rich? Create a methodology. Want to write better programs? Go to EuroPython!
ZEA, come una fenice, rinasce da Arnhem
Seduto nello spazio, gentilmente offerto da Allianz, all'interno dell'aeroporto di Monaco mi ritrovo a raccogliere un po' di pensieri riguardo al meeting ZEA ...
Sorrento Sprint Summary - collective.amberjack progress report
RedTurtle is participating each year in Sorrento's Plone sprints. We were there also last week. It was an amazing time of brainstorming and coding. I will try ...
Plone and Pyramid talk proposed for EuroPython
I have proposed a talk "How to build complex web applications having fun?" for this year's EuroPython.