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Come gestire schede informative su Plone in modo facile e veloce
A tutti piacciono le schede informative! Per questo abbiamo realizzato un prodotto che permette di crearle, gestirle e usarle con facilità. Vuoi saperne di ...
New Year's Python Meme 2015
The beginning of the year is the time for the "Python meme". This is the second time I am partecipating to this "game". Let's enjoy the #2015pythonmeme!
Scraping cheap airline tickets
It all started with a bet long time ago. One of my friends couldn't believe that it is actually possible nowadays to travel around the world with low-cost ...
Play these (Python) strings until my fingers are raw
This blog post is about the tricky task of subclassing immutable types in Python. Once you get it right, you will end up with superpowered objects
New Year's Python Meme 2014
The beginning of the year is the time for the "Python meme". I think no turtle has ever participated to this "game" before, so let's enjoy the #2014pythonmeme!
mr.scripty: il MacGyver dei tuoi buildout (graffette incluse)
Oggi mi sento anni 80. All'epoca stravedevo per MacGyver. Passati tanti anni realizzi che un informatico alle prese con un buildout, MacGyver ci diventa...
Funkload: a simple buildout to spread and run your test!
Load testing can be one of the key for a successful website deployment. Moreover it can help to solve many situations. Let's see a way to spread your tests!
How to transform a dexterity Item in to a dexterity Container
The use case of adding container capabilities to content types is common in the Plone world. I show a nifty solution that applies to dexterity content types
Plone Conference 2012 from RedTurtle's perspective
It's all over. 5 days with fellow Plonistas in Arnhem, Netherlands. How was it? Read our summary. One thing we are pretty sure - it was the best conference ever
GDIP: Integration of Google Docs services in Plone
Packages for integration of Google Docs services in Plone were released on pypi and on
Earthquake? Plone to the rescue!
To work in Italy you need to be pragmatic. Very pragmatic. That's why when an earthquake hit our region last month we were more than happy to help. Check out ... trouble
Il problema dell'integrità referenziale cancellando contenuti Plone tramite procedure Pyhton
New collective.funkload releases
I have recently released a new version of collective.funkload and collective.recipe.funkload. There is one major improvment - funkload recorder is now working ...
Plone at PyCon UA
Pyramid CRUD vol.2
Fast content import
For one of our customers we have implemented a prototype for fast importing data to Plone. Instead of creating thousands of Archetype-based objects - we are ...
How to revive an unstartable Plone 3.2.2 under windows XP Pro SP3
You may have experienced erratic behaviour from installations of Plone under Windows XP. This contribution, based on my personal experience and on what I found ...
Where is my FSS file?
Sometimes you need to know where is your FSS file on disk. There is an easy way to get the full path
Install Plone 4 on OSX Leopard e Snow Leopard (from scratch)
Install Plone 4 without Unified Installer is easy.
How to write funkload test in few minutes
After PloneConf2009 I noticed interesting changes in collective.recipe.funkload. Right now writing a simple test for funkload is just few steps.
How to make your team mates think you are someway useful
Disclaimer: vi integralist should skip this post :)
RuPy conference
Short summary about RuPy - strongly dynamic conference. The philosophy of RuPy is to put togheter Python & Ruby experts with young programmers and to support a ...
RuPy 2011 - Strongly Dynamic Conference
Europython 2011: aftermath
Want to get rich? Create a methodology. Want to write better programs? Go to EuroPython!
Cioppino Sprint: cambia faccia
Bodega Bay, già scelta da Alfred Hitchcock per uno dei suoi classici del terrore, è stata teatro di un evento ben più rilassato e piacevole, il Cioppino ...
Pyramid CRUD sprint summary
Plone e StackOverflow
C'è qualcosa di ancora meglio della mitica plone-users?
One of the Devil's APIs!
A tale about the importance of the name. When the name of a piece of code is important, and when a not well chosen API's name can lead to problems... at least ...
Pyramid CRUD
I have been using Pyramid/BFG in several our projects. It really rocks. Probably you already know that. What I think could be an extremely useful add-on is a ...
Just a little pin prick for your ill pdb
Some packages can compromises the pdb interactive shell by redefining sys.stdout