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May 17, 2010

collective.amberjack 1.0 released

This is the first plone 4 compliant release

we have a support team!

Starting from 1.0 release, RedTurtle decided to support the project providing a 4 person team.

Activities won't be no more based on a voluntary participation and in the spare time. They are going to be supported and scheduled in a more stable way.

It doesn't mean that collective.amberjack is going to be company branded - quite the contrary - it means that we have a stable team that is going to enhance and mantain the tool.

Except me, the team contains: Mirco Angelini, Federica D'Elia, Luca Fabbri e Andrew Mleczko. During the last Ferrara' sprint, we were glad to have Jacopo Deyla's contribution and the Giacomo Spettoli's return (former contributor) both of them from Regione Emilia Romagna.

You are even more then welcome to participate in the development, in supporting the initiative or just in using and testing the tool. Your contribution will be more useful since, from now, there will be someone that will take care of it.


This 1.0 release supports Plone 4:

  • the 12 tours has been completely revised
  • the TinyMCE support has been added
  • we have a battle plan


I talked about a roadmap. It assumes that during next Sorrento sprint we'll complete the tasks that will refactore the code and improved 1.1 release.

In the meanwhile we're going to schedule a set of steps that move collective.amberjack in a more solid, usable and mostly, extensible tool.

We are also confident to introduce Windmill as the TTW tool for creating tutorials. Andrea Benetti from University of Ferrara is starting to extend it. Then we'll integrate it into a collective.amberjack.windmill package.

how could you get involved inTO the project?

If you are interested in contribution, the places where we meet are these:

  • launchpad, for the project management (blueprints, bugs, etc.)
  • coactivate, extremely useful for documentation through its wiki and for the mailing lists
  • the code is obviously release on collective.

Otherwise, if you just want to use the system, pypi is your friend:

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