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Aug 21, 2009

collective.amberjack sprint

short summary about the amberjack sprint in Ferrara

We have organized a small amberjack sprint. There was a lot of things to-do and only 5 sprinters: vincentfretin (online from France), fdelia, massimo, mirna and amleczko (all directly from Ferrara).

Beneath you can find summary of the sprint:

This is a report of the work made today
we just refer to the issue that were in today's worklist

put tours in a pipeline:
 - Add a link to the first tour in the first page of the second one, so a user
   who selects the second one directly will be able to takethe first one first,
   since you need to create the MyFolder folder first.
 - The whole Amberjack should manage branches like "if you are not logged in,
   then, log in".
 - At the end of a tour, add a link to the next tutorial.

We decided to have preconditions that has to added to a step (macrostep).
For example:

there is already a initial implementation (amleczko).
completed - there are two basic validators: isAnonymous and isAuthenticated
when a precondition is not met a warning "the step is not visible"
is displayed. next, we should disable the step and all the followers.

we need to choose and implement a good strategy to define dependencies between

 - Check the entered texts: check if the texts entered in the fields are the
   ones we expected. If not we may have problems with ids (in the url) and with
   the xcontent. Otherwise, let both url and xcontent be function of what the
   user entered.
we decided that before submitting we have a ajax call that checks if
all the mandatory things has been done by the user.
to be done.

 - collective.jqueryui. actually we have a js file in core/skins. it contains
   both jquery.ui and jquery.ui.draggable.
   we could remove the jquery.ui stuff and leave only a file ui.draggable.js.
   unluckly, collective.js.jquery + ui.draggable.js doesn't work (raise a js error)
Vincent Fretin, both complete this ticket and created two different profiles
for plone3.2 and plone>=3.3
 - Write tests for meta directives, tour_manager...

Andrew Mleczko and federica d'elia wrote a couple of tests and also refactored the
code see:

 - Add an option to the Unified Installer
 - Add a run-profile option to plone.recipe.unifiedinstaller to run additional
   profiles when the Plone Site is created
to be done
 - Tours: (massimo azzolini e mirna bagnolatti)
  Tour 5: Format a page using the visual editor
  Tour 6.1: Create internal links
  Tour 6.2: Create external links
  to be completed

  Tour 7: Upload an image
  completed, but cannot show the last "all done" step since the url is
  function of the name of the image uploaded. we need a fix [1]

  Tour 8: Insert image on a page
  completed, but cannot correctly save. when submitting the form the stuff
  inside kupu is not saved. [2]
  Tour 9: Upload and link to a File
  completed, with the same problems as above:
  1. the file obj's url is function of the name of the file itself. [1]
  2. cannot save the kupu stuff [2]
  Tour 10: Using the Contents tab
  the main problem is that we have the same page, but we want to move on
  many different tour steps. see [1]
  Tour 12: Create a static text portlet
  almost finished. problems:
  1. click on Save button show the alert "are you sure you want to leave..." [2]
Some open issues

 - [1] Provide a better way to manage the progression of the steps: too often
   path + xpath/xcontent do not suffice.
   Use the step position number 1/5, 2/5 etc.
to be done
 - [2] all the submit buttons ( & co) have problems if just
   "submitting", maybe we have to say that we are clicking on that button.
   we cannot either click() on it since it opens the alert window
   "are you sure you want to leave..."

to be investigated

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