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Mar 26, 2010

"Future is bright, future is Plone"

Sometimes when you are doing a lot of Plone development and integrations you could miss the big picture: Plone is not just a CMS. It's a damn good CMS with almost unlimited possibilities of integration. However its 'unlimity' has started to be one of its biggest limitations.

I'm working right now on a project that uses ore.contentmirror to serialize Plone content data to postgresql which can be later reused in repoze.bfg. I have found several similar deployments in the Plone community which were quite inspiring.

Plone integrationsThe scenario is almost always the same:

  • to use Plone as a CMS (backend)
  • to have fast framework (frontend) to serve my backend data
  • to include in frontend layer Web2.0 functionality and some other dynamic stuff
  • to make benefit of external indexing server for full text search, for both frontend and backend


You can of course use solr with collective.solr for search engine but thanks to tsearch2 some of the search/ranking functionalities can be taken directly from postgresql (making the whole stack much smaller and easier to maintain).

Serializing Plone data to SQL opens many possibilities. But with Plone you can do much more.

Plone integration world

You can integrate other CMS's like Alfresco or Sharepoint using CMIS. You can connect your Plone instance to Salesforce. Instead of using tsearch2 or solr as an indexing engine - you can use Google Search Appliance inside your Plone instance. If you want to start online document collaboration you can even connect it to Google Docs.

External services and applications are not the end of the story. There is of course WSGI with collective.xdv and Deliverance and bunch of other interesting middlewares and we shouldn't forget about PAS plugins.

It's possible that I missed something interesting. Plone community is very creative, thought. It's hard to be always up to date. That's why I'm sure that I miss a place where integrators and developers can share they successful stories and discuss potential use cases. A place which will make Plone future bright.


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