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Aug 26, 2009

How to use Solr score's in plone search

For one of our customers we need to implement more sophisticated search, then the default plone one. Using collective.solr and rt.solr it's quite easy.

Thanks to Jarn's collective.solr package you can easily use Solr search engine in Plone. What we have been missing in current implementation is a way to make use of solr/lucene score (relevancy). That's why we are working on rt.solr package - Solr score configuration implementation. Here's what we have so far:
Solr configuration
You can set score for Field and ZCText indexes and value for Field index (ZCTextIndex is using the SearchableText value from query). 
Above example then is translated to proper Solr query:
Description:%(searchterm)s^10 Title:%(searchterm)s^20 portal_type:Folder^10 portal_type:Document^30 review_state:published^100
and added to collective.solr search query. 
The result than is:
Stay tuned for more information about release of rt.solr package ;-)
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