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May 10, 2010

How to make your team mates think you are someway useful

Disclaimer: vi integralist should skip this post :)

During a technical meeting here in RedTurtle, me and my colleagues were exposing fancy stuffs about software development and I was amazed that the attention of my team mates was triggered by me using a self made Pydev template to insert the encoding on top of Python files.

So here, I am reporting this to the whole planet, hoping someone else will appreciate this simple time saving tip :)

Adding a new template in Pydev is really easy, just go to Window -> Preferences... A configuration window should appear (see image below).

 of Pydev 
configuration window

Navigate the tree panel on the left: Pydev -> Editor -> Templates and add click on the New button.

Another window will appear, where you can insert a name for your template (in my case utf8), a description (Insert encoding in the file) and the text to be inserted when this template is used (# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-).

With this template configured, insert che utf-8 encoding in to a file is just as easy as typing ut[CTRL]+[SPACE].


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