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Oct 06, 2009

Improve the compatibility of collective.plonetruegallery

I created a branch of the product collective.plonetruegallery,, which allows to use the features of the package for new types of content and not only for the type "Gallery".

I tried to use the functionality provided by the product collective.plonetruegallery, such as the view "gallery", for my content type, and I had a problem: these features are applicable only to the content type "Gallery". This is because in the code of the package conditions are evaluated on the value portal_type of the content type, eg. if(object.portal_type == 'Gallery').

So I changed some parts of the original product by ensuring that the controls are no longer performed on the value portal_type of the type of content, but on the interfaces implemented by the type of content. In this way the functionalities of collective.plonetruegallery can be applied to any type of content, different from "Gallery", if it implements the interface "IGallery", eg.: IGallery.providedBy (object).

I take advantage using my content type "Cartridge" that extends ATBTreeFolder, which functions as a folder can hold a large number of elements, rather than the type of content "Gallery" which is not a large folder, and then was not suitable for my purposes. But the point is that I could still use the view "gallery" of collective.plonetruegallery to view images from the cartridge, because my type of content implements the interface "IGallery".

I have proposed these changes to the developers of the product and now see if they are interested in applying this modern approach!

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