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Aug 16, 2009

munin.zope is born

Last week we moved redturtle.munin to it's new namespace - munin.zope.

Recently, with a lot of witsch help (honestly - it was almost all his work :-), we have refactored redturtle.munin and moved it to munin.zope namespace. The idea is to use it also for other projects - like munin.varnish or munin.django etc. If you don't know munin.zope yet it provides munin plugins for monitoring various aspects of a Zope instance. It's easy to deploy and almost ready out-of-the-buildout.

As for 1.1a1 we have for plugins available:

  • "zopethreads" - reports free Zope threads
  • "zopecache" - reports database cache parameters
  • "zodbactivity" - reports ZODB activity
  • "zopememory" - reports Zope memory usage (only works on Linux)

We are working right now on another one - ZODB conflict errors. It's supposed to count number of conflict errors in last 5 minutes.

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