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May 04, 2010

New collective.funkload releases

I have recently released a new version of collective.funkload and collective.recipe.funkload. There is one major improvment - funkload recorder is now working properly with collective.funkload scripts.

Here @RedTurtle we are heavily using funkload for acceptance and benchmarking tests. We have started using it in 2008 just after Bristol Performance Sprint. We have found even more useful with buildout recipe. The only missing part was the recorder. It's built-in Funkload itself, but it was not enabled in the recipe. Well - now it is ;-)

/ If you want to know how to include funkload in buildout project - check my previous blog /

Starting a recorder is quite easy:

$ ./bin/funkload record -p 8080 MyTest

for full usage call:

$ ./bin/funkload record --help

This will start proxy on 8080 port and save all your browser requests to MyTest funkload scenario. Now open your browser, change proxy configuration to localhost:8080 and click-through test case. When you finish - stop the proxy with Ctrl-C. Funkload will generate a file and notify you where you can find it. It should be now collective.funkload compatible - you can lunch:

$ ./bin/funkload test /path/to/

To test it.

Another small improvement is a PloneFLTestCase. It extends default funkload test case, implementing two additional methods helping with Plone content creation. Right now instead of using this approach:

folder_portal_factory = self._browse(server_url + "/coreloadtests/Members/" + self.user_id +"/createObject?type_name=Folder",
                                             description = 'Get folder portal factory')

folder_edit_url = folder_portal_factory.headers.get('Location')        
folder_id = folder_edit_url.split('/')[-2]

folder_created =, params=[
    ['id', folder_id],
    ['title', 'folder'],
    ['description', ''],
    ['description_text_format', 'text/plain'],
    ['subject_existing_keywords:default:list', ''],
    ['last_referer', 'http://localhost:8080/coreloadtests/Members/' + self.user_id + '/view'],
    ['form_submit', 'Save']],
    description="Post /coreloadtests/Members/user...280843853/atct_edit")

new_folder_id = folder_created.url.split('/')[-2]


you can just do:

new_folder_id = self.addContent(
        params=[['id', 'id'],
                ['title', 'testing title'],
                ['description', 'testing description'],
                ['description_text_format', 'text/plain'],
                ['form.submitted', '1'],
                ['last_referer', ''],
                ['form_submit', 'Save']], 
        description='Create folder')


It doesn't do much, but for sure it helps you keep you test case readable.

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