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Feb 29, 2012

Plone Konferenz 2012

Talks, the party and everything around PloneKonf in München

The Konferenz

From February 22nd to 24th the PloneKonferenz took place in München. There was a bunch of smart guys talking about their experiences with Plone. I really give thanks to the organizers for their invitation.

Since it was localized conference, the majority of the speakers were german so I had to interview some of them just after they finished their speech. I would suggest you two talks I really appreciate: Matt Hamilton and Bernhard Bühlmann's ones.


Focus your attention on his explanation about relationships and the best way to start them.


Here some other inspiring talks:

You may also want to take a look at Fulvio Casali's blog for a more detailed report.

We also proudly presented our use cases

Andrew Mleczko presented the new project management platform we are about to introduce in RedTurtle. Its name is Penelope since every web project never really ends. We integrated Plone, Trac and GoogleApps within a Pyramid application.

Project management software of your dreams:


I also had my two minutes of glory talking about how Plone can fit both town-wise sites to regional-wise portals and intranets.

Plone Konferenz 2012:

Photos photos photos

Enjoy some PloneKonf photos from us and some other participants:

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