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Mar 16, 2010

PloneboardNotify: how tests will save my fat boy

A new release of PloneboardNotify... no much more features, but now I can think about refactoring my too grown son.

The new release of PloneboardNotify doesn't give us many new features but is not this the real focus of this article.

This add-on was already available and used in production environment, and one of the first effort was to keep Plone 2.5 compatibility.
The same is for the new 0.4 release (and maybe Plone 2.5 compatibility will continue until all of our customer will drop this version).

So? What is the problem?

Thanks for testing

Sometimes when you develop something that is useful for a single site, it became magically useful for other... but sometimes you are too stupid (and lazy) to understand it.
Let's go back to Ploneboard: after all the notification e-mail after a new forum discussion/response is a wanted feature (worst... an expected feature), not available in Ploneboard (that, even if it isn't perfect, is the only mature choice available right now on Plone to have a forum).

PloneboardNotify is a good example of a bad way to start a product... developed fast but with no eye on good OOP, without thinking about make it extensible... not tested at all. It was only a stupid event script that send e-mail (luckily this old version isn't available or any public SVN so the Story will not judge me).

First public released versions were only more "user friendly", making it usable in any context where you have Plone and Ploneboard. Maybe they are good release but was clean the need of refactoring: but refactoring is someway a dangerous task (the code is working... why I must spend my time making it better only to get the same features and be forced to test all feature and behaviour from scratch? I'm sure to remember what I need to test?)!

The problem there was (and is also now) the "core" (please... don't look at it!). Tests at every release were done by me (and my name is not Funkload) manually playing with the browser, repeating the same operation on Plone 2.5 and 3. Time after time the core grow as new feature is added... Tests are every time more expensive and boring...

What is changed now? Nothing! PloneboardNotify is still a mess... but now it's a tested mess!


The primary effort of this release was adding a complete functional tests coverage of all features (for both Plone 2.5 and 3 versions). After that, thanks to the help of Nicolas Laurance, I also added the HTML e-mail feature.

Now I have no fear to make changes to the code core... also in this release I removed some stupid piece of code (after completing tests!) and introduce adapters. Having tests available now will speed up dramatically the develop process of new features.

Next steps will be to reach a better OOP and making the product more customizable by other developer in their sites (like customize the e-mail template in some simple way).

Lessons learned

  • Don't be lazy. You can make this code more reusable. Always.
  • Don't be lazy. Write tests! Better: you will became lazy if you don't write tests because testing manually is very boring and you'll begin skipping some action!
  • Don't be stupid. You can't make deep refactoring and expect that all will work after you've finished, so...
    make tests! ;-)
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