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Jan 18, 2010

AD106 - XPages just keep getting better

Last year at Lotusphere, XPages burst onto the Lotus Domino application development landscape. Since then, the developer community has embraced XPages and delivered compelling Lotus Domino Web solutions. 8.5.1 delivered on the vision by providing the ability to build an application once for the Web, the Notes client or expose as an iWidget.Come hear about other 8.5.1 enhancements, what is coming in 8.5.2 and glimpse towards the future.**

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Annunciate le novità per le XPages (nella 8.5.2)

- REST e nuovi advanced controls
- modalità off-line e repliche locali
- wiring con le composite applications
- Performance improvements
- iWidget mashup
- hidden field text control
- RichText editor migliorato
- riuso delle funzionalità esistenti: LS libraries, forms, vies
- utility per convertire vecchi form, viste in xpages
- nuovi DataSource (jdbc, db relazionali)

AD109 - XPages perfomance and scalability

Understanding the XPages architecture is key to building performant scalable enterprise-ready Lotus Domino web applications. We'll show how to go under the hood to discover functional features that help your application perform and scale well. You'll learn about design patterns and techniques that ensure your applications are optimally tuned for your business requirements, and we'll show how to integrate existing business logic -- without increasing performance cost.**

Lotusphere 2010 banner

Tips&Tricks veramente utili per incrementare le performace

- i tool di monitoring consigliati: Firebug, YSlow, PageSpeed
- IBM Xpages Profiling tool: database per il tuning delle XPages in termini di CPU, cache ecc...
- consigli per il rendering delle pagine e per migliorare il JSF cycle lifecycle

- dataCache per le viste (nuovo nella 8.5.1)

- come usare Java nelle XPages per mantenere performance ridotte

Lotusphere in sentence, Day 1 - IBM Lotus Server: Present and Futures

by fabio
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In the form of "aspect - goal" that's the key sentences of the Domino server future:

  • Database management tool improvements - Leverage a single tool that performs all application/database maintenance tasks (eg compact, index update, ...).
  • SAML - Provide greater flexibility regarding secure authentication.
  • Platform expansion – Lower costs, improve flexibility and scalability (64 bit, virtual env, Linux platform).
  • RESTful APIs – Enable ISV's and application builders with broad set of API's usable from any application endpoint.
  • DXL – Roud-trip DXL design elements with no loss.

Lotusphere in sentence, Day 1 (Opening general session)

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General and vision:

  • Lotus knows why.
  • Lotus knows how.
  • This year the special guest is Captain Kirk William Shatner directly form Enterprise!
  • GM, RIM, Continental, Panasonic and Zurich are the customers presented this year by Lotus.
  • You knew the importance of delivering on promises.
  • 18378 new customers after Domino 8 was been released.
  • Positive disruption: capabilities for free Symphony.
  • Collaboration agenda is a new offering who puts together different Lotus products and is designed with industry specific teams who helps company to design his own specific solution: lower the cost of collaboration and improve people collaboration.
  • File Navigator by Rene Winkelmeyer is the best open source Notes application.
  • LotusLive with 18M users, now is offered for 4 USD per user per month.
  • IBM Project Vulcan is a sneak peak into the evolution of collaboration.

Demo time:

  • Now in xPages applications is possible to use Quickr component.
  • IBM Multimedia Library for Lotus Notes: the fastest, most affordable way to learn Lotus Notes, Sametime and Quickr!
  • Quickr and Alfresco are now integrated.
  • Announced Lotus Notes Traveler for Android
  • Lotus Notes Traveler Companion is an iPhone plugin who can provide to access encrypted email on the iPhone (using Notes ID security!)
  • xPages now runs in the Notes client: develop once, run everywhere!
  • LotusLive labs is a set of services availables in Some examples: slide library, event maps, collaborative recorded meetings and composer.

Specific on Project Vulcan:

  • Project Vulcan embraces the one programming model: public REST APIs, Widget and Mashups, xPages for Notes, HTML5 for richer user experiences.
  • Project Vulcan: continuity, convergence, innovation, new opportunities
  • Project Vulcan and the competition? IBM says it is not an answer to Google Wave.
  • Project Vulcan is based on Notes Client and in the browser you have the same experience.
  • Project Vulcan can be accessed through Blackberry or iPhone.
  • Project Vulcan as the brand new Notes 9 is my guess.
  • Project Vulcan will be shipped in 2011.

Lotusphere Day 1 - JMP106 - “Kum Bah Yah” Meets “Let's Kick Butt”: The Integration of IBM Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino with Microsoft Office, .NET, and IBM Lotus Symphony

Welcome to 2010, where Lotus Notes and Domino are just part of your corporate toolset. This session will introduce you to integration of Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5 with Microsoft Office, .NET technologies,, & Lotus Symphony. We'll start with the basics and build up to mail merge, exporting to a spreadsheet, charting, presentations, and integration on the Web. Advanced topics such as Visual Studio Tools for Office, advanced development with C#, and integration with Lotus Domino Web Services are included. Integration with Xpages, Google Docs, Sharepoint, ODF, OOXML, and Windows Explorer will highlight the options available. Every sample is new or updated, so even past attendees will get something from this session.***

Lotusphere 2010 banner

John Head e Alex Kassabov hanno mostrato in un talk di sicuro effetto scenico riguardante l'evoluzione del mondo dell'integrazione tra Lotus Notes e i principali productivity tool come Miicrosoft Office e Lotus Symphony, in entrambe le direzioni.

Anche in questo caso la collaborazione tra IBM e OpenNTF farà si che un il progetto open si concretizzi in un template scaricabile per l'utilizzo.

Le novità sono molteplici: innanzitutto l'annuncio dell'implementazione della classe SymphonyApplication, che sgrava lo sviluppatore dall'utilizzo delle classi UNO per l'integrazione con OpenOffice, sia numerosi esempi veramente utili per creare spreadsheet, documenti e presentazioni a partire da documenti notes con un semplice click.

Le slide sono disponibili sul sito di John Head