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rt.maracas: a Plone gadget for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

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Jun 10, 2014

rt.maracas: a Plone gadget for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

After the release of rt.vuvuzela, the indispensable Plone gadget born for the World Cup 2010 in South Africa, we are proud to release its successor: rt.maracas!

rt.vuvuzela logo

Everything began 4 years ago. The turtles gathered in the office for watching Italy play against Slovakia. It was the last match of our worst World Cup ever.

To survive the pain, I embraced the agile BDD techniques (Beer Driven Development) and started working on rt.vuvuzela, and add-on that allows Plone to play the vuvuzela sound, one of the most infamous presence of the last FIFA main event.



To continue this "wannabe tradition", I released another Plone gadget dedicated to the Brazilian World Cup: rt.maracas.

Yeah, I know... Maracas are not really Brazil-only and the "official" ear annoyers for this event are caxirolas, but I was suggested to write an add-on with that name and I liked it!

This add-on will give you a maracas_macros view with some macros:

Two views (maracas-simple and maracas-and-whistle).

You can control them with the query parameters:
  • autoplay (maracas start when page loads)
  • controls (you will get the interface to control the media execution)
  • loop (music will loop until you get crazy).
Example usage of these views:

You will also get a Maracas portlet (see the screenshot of the add form).

How to annoy people?

Adding a portlet with nasty settings can lead to very annoying results!

The fatality combo is this one:

  • Autoplay: True
  • Controls: False
  • Loop: True

Check it out on our website

Enjoy and good luck to your favourite team!


I really want to thank @nekorina: my logo pusher!

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