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Integrate an alternative PDF viewer in Lotus Domino
All browsers has its own PDF plug-in for PDF files, Acrobat Reader is for IE. But...have you ever had problems with it? I will! That's why I looked for another ...
TextAreaBound: trying my first jQuery plugin
HTML has some nice attributes to control the size and bound of input fields. However those features aren't working for textarea. Our customer asked us for ...
Evil Javascript... use strip() or trim()?
I hate doing the same error all the time! One time again: how to obtain a cross browser method for Javascript to remove leading and trailing whitespaces inside ...
Migliorare l'usabilità dei link interni in TinyMCE
Analisi di collective.tinymceplugins.advfilelinks, un'alternativa al plugin di TinyMCE per i link interni a Plone che permette di gestire in modo differente i ...
Tip per la gestione Web di tiff multipagina
Un semplice tip/trick "IE-only way" per utilizzare AlternaTIFF anche se il client non ha installato un visualizzatore TIFF o ne ha un'altro