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New version of
Released version 0.2.0beta of
Fast content import
For one of our customers we have implemented a prototype for fast importing data to Plone. Instead of creating thousands of Archetype-based objects - we are ...
alcuni riferimenti ai talk che abbiamo tenuto alla plone conference in corso in questo momento
RuPy conference
Short summary about RuPy - strongly dynamic conference. The philosophy of RuPy is to put togheter Python & Ruby experts with young programmers and to support a ...
Ploneconf2009: un breve sommario
Archetypes è morto: lunga vita ad Archetypes
How to write funkload test in few minutes
After PloneConf2009 I noticed interesting changes in collective.recipe.funkload. Right now writing a simple test for funkload is just few steps.
Plone Conference 2009 - un'esperienza da ricordare
Budapest, vecchi e nuovi amici, e molte cose interessanti come in tutte le Conference di Plone. Pare che anche RedTurtle sia piaciuta.
Plone nuovamente premiato agli Open Source CMS Awards
Dopo il secondo posto del 2007 e il primo posto nel 2008, Plone si conferma la miglior scelta nella categoria "other open souirce CMS"
A Tiny step for more accessibility in Plone
In last months I'm keeping updated a branch of TinyMCE that can be very interesting for Italian users of Plone (but not only...)
Da Budapest... con stile
Un breve report dalla Plone Conference 2009.
Deliverance, tips and tricks
When to use regular expressions and "abort".
A cloud of colors in Plone
A small customization to Vaporisation's template, an excellent product for viewing tagcloud.
Un italiano a Budapest
Non vi racconterò di talk, di tecnologie, di nuove feature. Non vi racconterò nemmeno dell'ultima e della prossima release di plone. La mia gita alla plone ...
Plone is Cool!
Ecco la maglietta sfoggiata alla Conference di Budapest... in versione open source.
2010 Content Technology Vendor Map
collective.flowplayer_toolbar: adding accessibility in an unobtrusive way
The way I used to make Flowplayer use inside Plone a little more accessible, this time without branching the collective.flowplayer product!
"./bin/buildout" senza "-N" su Plone 3.1? Ahi!
Vediamo di spiegare quello che succede a tantissimi quando provano ad aggiornare il loro vecchio Plone 3.1
Install Plone 4 on OSX Leopard e Snow Leopard (from scratch)
Install Plone 4 without Unified Installer is easy.
Integration of PloneGazette with
The new product collective.discussionintegration.plonegazette provides the integration of PloneGazette and
Do not use "print". Again plone_log is your friend
An unexpected behaviour I found when writing test for a product. Use "print" command for logging is bad if you want to perform functional tests.
Careful with that ajax, Eugene
Ajax calls are an invaluable and powerful tool to deploy pleasant user interfaces, but some attention must be paid to avoid bad surprises.
Just a little pin prick for your ill pdb
Some packages can compromises the pdb interactive shell by redefining sys.stdout
PloneboardNotify: how tests will save my fat boy
A new release of PloneboardNotify... no much more features, but now I can think about refactoring my too grown son.
Conditional Javascript choices relying on server side configurations
Have you ever felt the need of make a Javascript choice, executing some client side actions, basic this choice on some server side configuration? Here an ...
Giving roles to visitors using HTTP headers
In a recent project we need to provide different roles to users, basing this choice to host name used to reach the Plone site
"Future is bright, future is Plone"
Sometimes when you are doing a lot of Plone development and integrations you could miss the big picture: Plone is not just a CMS. It's a damn good CMS with ...
One of the Devil's APIs!
A tale about the importance of the name. When the name of a piece of code is important, and when a not well chosen API's name can lead to problems... at least ...
Change navigation behaviour with jQuery: collective.navigationtoggle
A requirement from one of our customer lead us to develop a very tiny Plone add-ons... After all jQuery make all the dirty work!
GDIP: Integration of Google Docs services in Plone
Packages for integration of Google Docs services in Plone were released on pypi and on
Il World Plone day secondo RedTurtle
Come tutti gli anni, ma diverso da sempre: RedTurtle sventola la bandiera plone su due fronti chiave