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Dec 09, 2014

Integrate an alternative PDF viewer in Lotus Domino

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Integrate an alternative PDF viewer in Lotus Domino

All browsers has its own PDF plug-in for PDF files, Acrobat Reader is for IE. But...have you ever had problems with it? I will! That's why I looked for another solution.

Everything starts googling "acrobat reader gray screen loading": as result you could obtain tons of pages suggesting you any kind of solution (that, in my case, doesn't works!). The problem? Open a pdf file using Acrobat Reader IE plugin.

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Oct 03, 2013

rt.ploneversions: an helper script to make your buildout safer

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rt.ploneversions: an helper script to make your buildout safer

In this article I show an easy way to modify your Plone buildouts in order to avoid dependencies from external resources. This can save your day: check it out!

It is a common practice, for Plone buildouts, to extend online configuration files that declare known good working versions for your eggs. Those external resources can, in turn, extend other remote resources.

This can be a big problem! Your buildout relies on the assumption that all those external resources are available: if they are not, it will simply fail!

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May 08, 2012

Slow Plone site? Let's use haufe.requestmonitoring

Slow Plone Site?

Slow Plone site? Let's use haufe.requestmonitoring

Your Plone site suddently become slow, or maybe sometimes it gets slack. How to investigate it (and prevent future problems)

One of the wcorst times for a web programmer or administrator comes when he gets an e-mail like this one: "Hi! The site (you are in charge of) is very slow today! I really cannot work!"


But it can get even worst if you read the mail later, when the problem has already disappeared on his own. So you'll never know if it was a problem of huge (unexpected) traffic or if it's something you'll face again somedays.

If this will arise again soon, you will surely get another e-mail from the same guy, less polite... probably.

Let's examine the problem in depth. This is what you have to do for a Plone site.




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Mar 25, 2010

Just a little pin prick for your ill pdb

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Some packages can compromises the pdb interactive shell by redefining sys.stdout

Disclaimer: Tested only on linux and mac

Symptoms: python readline does not work at all in the pdb shell.

If you find out that inside a pdb after pressing some keys, e.g. the arrow keys, some escape symbols appear on the line...

(Pdb) test^[[D^[[D^[[D

...and you cannot move the cursor to the desired position, probably some package screwed up your pdb!

This is very annoying to me because some times I have to spend a lot of time in the pdb to heal my buggy code: a misfunctional readline makes me lose too much time!

This probably happened because somewhere in the code the standard output (sys.stdout) has been redefined and this screws up the pdb. 

Check it out in the console:

(Pdb) import sys
(Pdb) sys.stdout

 If the output is not something like

<open file '<stdout>', mode 'w' at 0xb783d070>

than you can go on reading to find out how to fix it. 

Tip: the output can give you an hint of the code that is redefining the stdout.

Don't ask me why pdb does not like it. If you are able to identify the nasty piece of code that modifies the standard output and replicate it in a python console, this problem does not appear.

Therapy: fix the stdout!

In most of the cases this will give you back a fully functional console:

>>> import sys;sys.stdout=file('/dev/stdout','w')

Sep 03, 2009

NSD, il tuo compagno di viaggio quando Domino va in crash

by fabio

NSD (Notes System Diagnostic) è uno strumento Lotus per raccogliere informazioni a fronte di un crash o di un hang di sistema. Vediamo la sessione presentata durante DominoPoint Day 2008, l'evento italiano della comunità Lotus.

Tra qualche mese ci sarà il terzo appuntamento con il DominoPoint Day, ripartiamo da dove ci eravamo fermati: la sessione su NSD presentata nel 2008. Scarica la presentazione su Slide Share.

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