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Jul 15, 2015

Google api authentication: connettersi tramite un service account

keep in touch with your API

Google api authentication: connettersi tramite un service account

Connettersi ai servizi di google esposti tramite API me lo ricordavo veramente semplice. In effetti era da un bel po' che non avevo bisogno di farlo

Mi è già capitato altre volte di dovermi connettere alle API di google per leggere dati relativi ai suoi servizi. È sempre stato tutto molto semplice: autenticazione tramite un account gmail e accesso ai dati! Solamente una mail e relativa password.

Ora, ripetere questo processo è stato leggermente più complesso poiché l'autenticazione è cambiata, passando ad OAuth 2.0, e purtroppo la documentazione presente su l'ho trovata non sempre precisa, probabilmente a causa delle continue modifiche che vengono apportate alle librerie.

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Dec 09, 2014

Integrate an alternative PDF viewer in Lotus Domino

Give me a choice....

Integrate an alternative PDF viewer in Lotus Domino

All browsers has its own PDF plug-in for PDF files, Acrobat Reader is for IE. But...have you ever had problems with it? I will! That's why I looked for another solution.

Everything starts googling "acrobat reader gray screen loading": as result you could obtain tons of pages suggesting you any kind of solution (that, in my case, doesn't works!). The problem? Open a pdf file using Acrobat Reader IE plugin.

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Nov 12, 2014

Scraping cheap airline tickets

It all started with a bet long time ago. One of my friends couldn't believe that it is actually possible nowadays to travel around the world with low-cost airlines.

Because the term low-cost airline is difficult to define we have agreed that we should bet on something easy to check - like the ticket price per kilometer. After some rough checks the bet was on: travel around the world, flying always in one direction (west or east) for less than €0.03 (3 euro cents) per kilometer (imagine Bologna-New York trip for less than €180).


I think I won. With some python help and many hours of coding I was able to find all the necessary tickets and stay below the price criterion. I have learnt a lot about airlines sales strategy... and something about ant colony optimization algorithm. The trip starts on November 15th, maybe you will meet me in the following months ;-)


Now the long story. Searching for cheap plane ticket is relatively easy task if you have strict dates and simple route (one or two stops). It starts to be more complicated if you want to stop in 3 places. But what if you have 6 stops or more? None of the existing online tools allows you to make such a query (if you know one - let me know). Things get more fuzzy if you don't have specific dates and just want to travel cheap. Searching manually is not an option: ticket price is likely to change daily and number of possible queries is quite big, I mean really big. Imagine you want to take 5 stops and search with margin of ± 10 days. It gives you 9765625 queries (5^10). Grabbing that data directly from airline database is also not doable. There is no standard approach, most of the small companies have their own system - others use providers that are much too expensive for a single user.

Sooner or later you will start to write a script.

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Oct 15, 2014

Vaadin: installation, use and integration with Lotus Domino

Thinking of U and I...

Vaadin: installation, use and integration with Lotus Domino

Vaadin is an open source Web application framework for rich Internet applications. I'll show you a brief example of integration with Lotus Domino in Eclipse environment

I discovered Vaadin accidentally and I think that could be a good framework especially if you are a Java developer and want to create web application quickly.

From Wikipedia:

"The framework incorporates event-driven programming and widgets, which enables a programming model that is closer to GUI software development than traditional web development with HTML and JavaScript."

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May 30, 2014

How to write a good documentation - The big Plan

A room without books is like a body without a soul (Cicero)

How to write a good documentation - The big Plan

Earlier this year I had a perfect chance to participate to a sprint where the organization of documentation was the main purpose. Here it is what I learned

From ideas to reality

As you may know, what leads an open source project to the glory it's a well-written, clear and accessible documentation. This is more and more true as we are leaving the first era of internet where the technology was the king and we are entering the era where technology is just a tool that provides features and everything is more black boxed.

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