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Mar 28, 2012

Traning with Jarn: Much more than training!

We recently took a training, done by the Jarn guys, Denys and Yiorgis. It was a very important experience to me: it changed my perspective

I liked the enthusiasm of Denys Mishunov. He gave us many suggestions, tips and tricks that we needed to improve our daily work. This is the most important thing to me.Thanks to Jarn guys, I discovered the importance of enjoying my work. These tools can really make us work more quickly and easily, and make it more fun.

I liked so much Yiorgis Gozadinos approach: he is always looking for the cleanest and simplest way to solve problems. For example, we talked about the importance to follow Design Patterns, reusable solutions that can be applied to commonly occurring problems. This patterns lead you to result, with a lower effort and no waste of time.

Passion and enthusiasm shown by my teachers made me once more realize that the best way to reach professional growth is loving what you do.

Jarn CourseAmong the many other topics we discussed during training, we spoke about tests, that allow you to increase your work quality.

Besides learning useful and interesting tools, we also made a comparison between our and their way of working. In some cases, we found most effective approaches.

Jarn Course

Thank you, Jarn guys, not only for what you taught us on a technical level, but also for the emotional charge you gave me!


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